Olena Hembar

Olena is an artist from Ukraine. She is currently based in Poland. Her art represents the appreciation of the present moment.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Olena, and I am a Ukrainian watercolor artist, NFT creator, and fashion designer based in Poland. Since childhood I was very inspired by women's beauty - I used to draw beautiful princesses and fairies from different movies and cartoons. That's why my parents sent me to art school, and after that, I finished the College of Fashion Industry. Now I am working as a dressmaker, and make women happier with my wedding and evening dresses.

I have been drawing all my life, that's my big passion. Before I start to create, I always ask myself: what do I want to share with the world today? And I find answers in my dreams, feelings, emotions, and memories; also in books, photography, movies, and so on. The main character in my art is a woman, she is my muse and biggest inspiration. I do my art traditionally, with watercolor paints.

Every detail I draw by hand and it takes many hours and days. Thanks to this material I can create exceptional, delightful, and tender illustrations. And with all digital technologies, traditional art becomes even more unique, I think. I have three NFT collections and I put a part of my soul into every artwork I make.

Thanks to the NFT community I can realize my creative potential and show people around the world what is a primary source of my art. I met such creative and supportive people in Web 3 and I am very happy to be part of Mongoose Club.

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