Artistic Alliances

'Artistic Alliances' is an abstract artist, a photographer, and a poet. Through active networking, she builds alliances between artists globally. Her current NFT collection is called 'Abstractions', which is her entry into the NFT and Web3 environment.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Artistic Alliances. I form alliances through art - that’s what Artistic Alliances is about. I create various forms of art & build alliances in the art world. I do photography, poetry & digital artistry. Based out of the United States, I started my artistic journey with abstract art in March 2022. "Abstractions" is my current genesis collection and entry into the NFT and Web3 environment.

I have had the opportunity to connect with great people who have encouraged and supported me. Because of active networking, some of my abstractions have been collected and showcased at Stratosphere 2022 at NFT NYC. One of my greatest achievements has been with Spatial, a metaverse platform that has listed my art gallery in their "Explore" section. You can visit my metaverse gallery here. I aim to build true alliances globally with like-minded individuals so that we can grow together, and be part of each other's journey in the NFT space.

Being part of Mongoose Club, which connects NFT artists and project founders globally, is an honor. The diversity in the club is amazing and allows for interactions on the Discord app that bonds individuals together like a family. This club is a family to me and I wish to progress with in the future. I believe that the key to consistency is listening, attending and connecting.

My Collections :

Abstractions -

Abstractified Fall -

Abstractified Snowflakes -

Electrifications -

My Galleries :

Abstractified Space -

Art Gallery -

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Mongoose club's vision

Mongoose Club has a straightforward and crucial vision : We have decided to build an unprecedented media ecosystem focused on the empowerment of the NFT community. The proven success of the Mongoose Club’s daily Twitter Spaces, which have so far attracted thousands of NFT enthusiasts within just three months, has encouraged us to expand into other social media platforms, launch our NFT podcast, build a mega art gallary and an entertainment center in the Metaverse, host monthly virtual Web3 conferences and bi-annual IRL events.

Mongoose Club is growing fast and being built by the NFT community for the NFT community. We want to own the ‘narrative’ of Web3 by publishing curated and fact-checked content. Our club is here to educate the public and governmental institutions around the world to understand the importance of digital assets and proof of ownership, and to embrace the blockchain technology, which is inevitably the future - an opportunity for the advancement of human civilization and global connectivity - not a threat as perceived by some.

With the click of just a few buttons and quality content, Mongoose Club's media ecosystem would bring instant awareness to existing and upcoming NFT projects by leveraging the emerging technology, which is about privacy, trustlessness, encryption and decentralization. There is no room or time for competition - only collaboration is what can get things done and empower the NFT community. Join the Club and let's change the world for better!

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