Alanna Wilcox

Alanna is a fiber artist. She is fascinated by color and texture.

Let me introduce myself.

I have been a fiber artist my whole life. I am also fascinated by color and texture and love using those elements to have visual conversations with people that interact with my pieces. I chose this medium because of the calming nature and tactile sensory input it has while creating; dyeing and spinning wool into yarn through fabric construction techniques like knitting or weaving cloth is mesmerizing, it lends itself to be either 3D or 2D; the familiarity people have with textiles; and the limitless possibilities of combining both form and function.

I was an art educator for the past 16 years but decided to commit myself to being a full-time artist and recently left the profession. I am excited by the potential of combining fiber with digital components and have begun doing so by developing dye formulas to match HEX colors. Additionally, I'm a digital artist and love to draw and paint.

I strive to create pieces that both inspire the viewer to consider what is creatively possible and also remind people that having a sense of humor and valuing the act of playing and pushing boundaries is what life is all about! My NFT art collections can be found on the following platforms :

  2. Markerplace
  3. Spatial Gallery (Metaverse)
  4. Website

my work

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